My First Embroidery Book With Kit – How To Teach Kids Sewing

My First Embroidery Book — A Name Sampler. Second Edition, by Winky Cherry

Through simple rhymes and clever illustrations, this book introduces children ages 5 and up to embroidery. Part of Winky Cherry’s hands-on approach, the projects encourage children to slow down and enjoy the process of learning to sew. Fledgling embroiderists will learn basic techniques, such as the cross-stitch, by stitching their names onto gingham using charts as guides. Inspiring young students to think of embroidery as art, the simple rules in this how-to show kids how to stitch letters, borders, and hearts.

The book comes as part of a kit which includes:
▪ 8″ embroidery hoop
▪ gingham fabric
▪ flannel backing fabric to eliminate show-through
▪ crochet thread…enough for one name sampler

This book is the second in the My First Sewing Book series.

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